Garrett TFE 731-4-1T Parts


p/n CL0869,Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC), S/N: 99193, As Removed Tested

p/n K012-CY804, Sensor Skurka Engineering, S/N: 401, New Old Stock

p/n 3071949-7R, Oil Pump, S/N: 92-14057-2455, New Old Stock 

p/n 158465-6 series1, Oil Temp. Valve, S/N: 12-0712, New Old Stock

p/n 3070850-73, Vickers Fuel Pump, S/N: MX-498358, New Old Stock

p/n 3070800-27, Main Fuel Control, S/N: A10902, New Old Stock

p/n 3073970-1, Fuel Dist. Valve, S/N: A145, New Old Stock

3070816-4, PT2 Sensor (2pcs), S/N: 41779 / 42498, New Old Stock

319565-2, Solenoid Valve, S/N: 5195, New Old Stock

319565-5, Solenoid Valve, S/N: 09139-711555-001R, New Old Stock

978812-5-1, series3 Bleed Air Valve, P2303C( 2pcs) S/N: 7816/59364, NOS

3071564-8, Air Valve, S/N: 5797, New Old Stock

3073685-6 series1, Limiter Valve Assy., PCD S/N: A6755, New Old Stock

3070246-4N, By-Pass Valve, S/N: 7579668, New Old Stock

3073921-3D, Sensor, S/N: 20179, New Old Stock

3074015-1, Vibration Sensor, S/N: 92-1244, New Old Stock

3070722-3(L), Eng. Sensor, S/N: 6562, New Old Stock 

3074541-1, Igniter J191-1, S/N: 0293D, New Old Stock

3074541-1B, Igniter J191-1E, S/N: 394, New Old Stock

These are components that were spares when we acquired the L-139 prototype from the AERO factory in 2012. All parts are New Old Stock (NOS) with the exception of the DEEC which was flight tested in the aircraft. Many of these components are also used in other Dash numbers of the Garrett TFE 731-4 engine.


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