Pride Aircraft's
L-39 Smoke System

In 2004, we perfected the Pride Smoke System for the L-39 and demonstrated it at EAA AirVenture ("Oshkosh"). In our ever-so-humble opinion, this is far and away the best L-39 system available anywhere, at any price.

There’s no mess, no Center of Gravity issues, and no hassles with small-capacity removable tanks, because the smoke containers are already on the airplane. 

Using the standard L-39 tip tanks, we offer 52 gallons of capacity and a true
system. The Pride Smoke System can be operated in “single” mode for the
best smoke trail available anywhere
and over 12 minutes of constant smoke. In dual mode the system is unbelievable, and still delivers over six minutes of smoke that would rival anything the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels have.

You read that right -- we use the aircraft's tip tanks for smoke oil reservoirs. Our unique system allows the pilot to change back to carrying jet fuel for traveling cross-country in less than 60 seconds!

Our system can also give you two different colors on board at the same time -- another Pride exclusive!

   Watch the low resolution video (700 KB)  (.wmv Windows Media format)
   Watch the high resolution video
(11.8 MB)  (.wmv Windows Media format)

Plan on five days of aircraft downtime. Contact us for pricing.

Come see for yourself the difference PRIDE makes!

L-39 by Pride Aircraft: Fly with the Best!


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