NEW!! (NOS) Saphir-5 Starters


New Saphir-5 with all Factory (16) Installation Components



Component List

LUN 5360-8       Saphir 5

LUN 2250-8       Saphir Start Motor

LUN 6320-8       Saphir Oil Pump           

LUN 6750-8       Saphir Oil Distributor

LUN 2230-8       Saphir Ignition Box

LUN 7503-8       Saphir Dump Valve

LUN 2490-8       Saphir Electromagnetic Valve (Air Side)

LUN 6930-8       Saphir Oil Tank

LUN 2475-8       Saphir Fuel Shut-Off (3 Each)

LUN 6223-8       Saphir Fuel Pump

LUN 6743-8       Saphir Fuel Control

LUN 7615-8       Saphir Inlet Filter

LUN 7616-8       Saphir Return Valve

LUN 7354-8       Saphir Fuel Check Valve

LUN 3594.01-8   Saphir Electronic Control Box



New (NOS) Saphir-5 Starter

(with Saphir-5, Starter motor, Oil Pump Only)


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