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NOTE: Both of these aircraft have been SOLD and are no longer available. This page is for informational and historical purposes only.

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Photos
Detailed walk-around photos of the Su-27 Flanker, Nose #32 (Both aircraft are essentially identical). For detailed information about these aircraft, please visit our Su-27 Flanker page.

[Click on each photo below to enlarge it.]
Front Cockpit. The cockpits of both Su-27s have been completely Westernized, with the retrofit of new Com/Navs, GPS, MFDs, transponders, flight instruments, and more. Every instrument, switch and gauge has been re-labeled in English. Many hundreds of hours were spent ensuring clarity and accuracy of all controls.
Rear Cockpit. Most of the controls in the front are also found in the rear. The aircraft can be flown safely from either cockpit, but it is flown solo from the front. The rear seat is nearly two feet higher than the front, and forward visibility is excellent.
The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is fully functional. (In the background, you can see this aircraft's sister-ship, Nose #31.)
Detail view of the main instrument panel. As with many Russian fighters, spin-recovery stick position is indicated by a white stripe painted vertically down the center of the panel.
Details of Right Side Console. Pride Aircraft is known for our attention to detail on cockpit marking and labeling. It's very evident here, and throughout the airplane.
Details of Left Side Console. Visible at bottom is a UHF comm radio.
Details of Stick Grip and Panel.
Aft View. This is the magnificent view looking aft, between the 20-foot tall vertical stabilizers.
Ladder View. Standing near the top of the front ladder, you get a sense of how large the Su-27 is. The ladders hook into integral sockets in the airplane's skin.
The Business End. Each of the twin Saturn AL-31F turbojets puts out more than 27,000 pounds of raw, roaring thrust. An auxiliary drag chute is located in the spike between the engines.
Burner Can. You're looking into the depths of some of the most powerful engines ever designed for a fighter jet. They are works of mechanical and aeronautical art.
Overall View. The average person can walk under the Su-27, from the tip of the nose straight back to the tail, without bumping their head.
External Markings #1. Restoration of these aircraft included the addition of hundreds of exterior servicing stencils, in English.
External Markings #2. Everything was painstakingly translated.
External Markings #3. Even the hydraulic accumulator pressure charts were translated and stenciled onto the aircraft. This attention to detail makes maintenance much easier.
Into the Mouth of the Tiger. The gaping engine inlets are more than four feet off the ground. They are fitted with movable ramps that optimize airflow at high speeds.
Front View. Su-27 Flanker: The Ultimate Warbird.
Fluid Lines. Sticking your head up inside the gear wells gives you and idea of the level of detail in these Su-27 restorations. The fuel and hydraulic lines were factory-overhauled, as was the aircraft's structure. Everything looks, well, new.
Ladder Sockets. One of the many maintenance-friendly features of the airplane is the set of ladder sockets located on each side of the fuselage, just below the vertical stabilizers. These allow easy access to the top of the wing, and other parts of the airplane.
Fly. We tend to spend a lot of time and words describing the physical and mechanical aspects of these aircraft. But it's important to remind you that these special aircraft were restored to do what they do best -- fly. And rip the sky asunder.

These magnificent flying machines have now found a new home, and for that, we are very happy!  

Pride Aircraft: Extraordinary Aircraft for Extraordinary Customers.

All photographs above are Copyright 2009-2011 Pride Aircraft.
They may only be used with permission.

Additional Photos:

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