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Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Taxi Tests
Flanker N131SU made two taxi tests on 4 December 2009. The purpose of these checks was to 1). evaluate steering, braking, and drogue 'chute operations, in preparation for first flights, 2). coordinate local ATC and ground crew procedures, and 3). calibrate heading indicators and other equipment. All tests went perfectly and all systems checked nominal.

(For detailed information about these aircraft, please visit our Su-27 Flanker page.)

Preflight preparations.

The "takeoff roll" was intentionally aborted at a moderately-high speed, followed by drogue chute deployment.
With the drogue chutes deployed, gentle braking was all that was needed to decelerate to taxi speed.
The open drogue chute compartment in the tail stinger. The chutes were released after the aircraft cleared the runway.
Collecting the drogue chutes from the runway/taxiway intersection. Using drogue chutes for landing is entirely optional.
Ground crewmembers check the airplane over after engine shutdown.
The second taxi test was conducted in the dim light of late afternoon. Here, the speedbrake is tested after engine start, while the front-seat pilot receives some pointers from a ground crewmember.
Taxiing out for the second series of system checks.

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