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At Pride, our goal is to provide the BEST training possible. We strive to produce the SAFEST, most KNOWLEDGEABLE and PROFESSIONAL L-39 pilots possible.

Simply put, we will NOT transition our trainees into the L-39 using the "cookie-cutter" mentality of training. Considering the wide variety of applicants we encounter, we believe it's just not possible to train a competent L-39 aviator in 2-3 days or for a set price.

Pride's Flight Training Program has been recognized by the FAA as "one of the most professional and comprehensive courses" available for L-39 training. Pride's FAA-approved flight training syllabus exceeds the new requirements for an Experimental Aircraft Authorization in the Aero L-39 type aircraft. (On January 1, 2004, this replaced the previously-issued Letter of Authorization (LOA) program.) In fact, the Pride Flight Training Program was the first L-39 syllabus recognized by the FAA under these new rules and has set the standard for the rest of the training community.

Pride Flight School instructors are all ex-military fighter pilots and military Instructor Pilots (IPs), and are now flying as professional airline pilots and Warbird Instructor Pilots. All of them have many years of high-performance jet time and teaching experience. Each Pride training flight is fully pre-briefed using military-style briefing techniques; each training maneuver is graded and debriefed afterwards. There is ample opportunity for discussion and review is provided before and after each flight.

Pride Aircraft trains pilots of widely-varied backgrounds and experience levels. Accordingly, we have developed a dual-track syllabus tailored to two basic types of trainees:

A. Former "Warbird" owners/operators; previous military pilots; and pilots with previous experience with aerobatics and/or high-performance aircraft.
B. Pilots whose experience level, personal preference, and/or our assessment dictates that a lower-G, lower-maneuvering initial level of training would be appropriate.

Both tracks cover the basics of flying the aircraft safely: ground operations; maneuvering flight; flight characteristics exercises; basic G-awareness exercises; unusual attitude recoveries; steep turns, stalls, slow flight, traffic patterns (normal and no-flap); simulated flame-out landings; rejected takeoffs and landings; and emergency/abnormal procedures.

In addition, the Pride Flight School course is specifically tailored to train the applicant to a level of proficiency and confidence to ensure passing the Experimental Aircraft Authorization check ride (now standardized by the FAA for this type of aircraft).

The "A" Track, in addition to the above items, emphasizes dynamic maneuvering flight (including aerobatics); extreme nose-high and nose-low recoveries; and advanced G-awareness.

The "B" Track emphasizes cross-country flight, instrument approaches, flight planning, strange-field procedures, and cockpit organization.

Both tracks carry the following prerequisites:

  • Trainee is assumed to be an active, current pilot with no serious flying-skill deficiencies.
  • FAA Private Pilot Land Rating.
  • Instrument Rating (required for the Experimental Aircraft Authorization checkride and rating) and instrument-current. 
  • 1,000 hours total flight time.
  • 500 hours Pilot-In-Command time.
  • Current FAA Medical (3rd Class minimum).
  • Flight Review within the previous 24 months per FAR 61.56.
  • Prior Aerobatic Training (preferred). Aerobatic training is not a mandatory requirement for a rating in the L-39; however, this aircraft is a high-performance jet fighter trainer. As such, it is capable of high roll- and pitch-rates, high G-levels and G-onset rates, and disorienting attitudes. All trainees, regardless of their training track, will receive unusual attitude training and G-awareness training in order to fly the aircraft safely.
  • Trainees must provide and use appropriate personal gear: helmet, boom microphone, Nomex™ flight suit and gloves, knee board(s), and oxygen mask (required for high-altitude missions; optional for others).

The benefits of training with us are well-known among our graduates. Our reputation extends beyond the training you'll receive in the cockpit. Our facilities and services add immeasurably to the experience:

  • Our facilities include a full-size cockpit-procedure trainer (CPT) and egress trainer; comfortable briefing areas; large whiteboards and briefing guides; aircraft models and other teaching tools; a flight-planning room with full weather access; WiFi internet connection and telephones.
  • L-39 maintenance personnel are available onsite, and we have a large supply of aircraft spares and parts.
  • Whenever possible, each training flight is launched by an experienced crew chief who assists you as you strap into the airplane, then monitors the engine start process and provides marshalling assistance. (If you've never experienced this level of professionalism, you'll immediately see its benefits when you experience it firsthand.)
  • Rockford Airport is unique. It is a medium-to-large sized, tower-controlled airport with very low traffic saturation and a voluntary TRSA radar service. This means we can get in and out quickly and easily, without waiting for clearances and being delayed by other traffic. For instrument work, we have precision and non-precision approaches available. Our tower personnel are flexible -- they understand our training requirements and our military-style traffic patterns.
  • Training time is valuable. Our practice areas are less than five minutes away, minimizing the time and fuel we must spend flying to and from the airport, thus maximizing your training.
  • Several local airports provide ample opportunity for additional training in a non-radar, uncontrolled pattern environment.

Pride Aircraft's L-39 Flight Training program is, without a doubt, the best investment you'll ever make if your goal is to become a safe, proficient, confident L-39 pilot. You will work hard, and you'll learn a lot about the airplane and about yourself. You'll also have a lot of fun.

Call us today with any questions you might have, and to find out about training availability.

NOTE: Pride Ground School (PGS) is a mandatory prerequisite for Pride Flight Training and provides a solid foundation of L-39 systems and operations knowledge. Please contact us for our current PGS schedule.

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