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Pride Aircraft offers a comprehensive, three-day ground school which meets all FAA ground-training requirements for an Experimental Aircraft Authorization in the Aero L-39 aircraft.

In 2004, this new rating replaced the previously-issued Letter of Authorization (LOA). The Pride Ground School was the first such course approved by the FAA, It has received accolades from numerous aircraft owners and operators, warbird organizations, insurance companies, and the FAA itself.

The Pride Ground School is designed to prepare pilots for a safe and expeditious transition into the L-39. It has trained pilots of widely-varied backgrounds and experience levels.

Pride flight instructors are ex-military fighter pilots and former military Instructor Pilots (IPs). They are now flying as both professional airline pilots and "warbird" Instructor Pilots. They have many years of high-performance jet time and professional teaching experience.

The Pride facility is
located in Rockford, Illinois. It includes a large, bright classroom; aircraft engine and systems cutaways and demonstration models; a full-size Cockpit-Procedure Trainer (CPT) / Egress Trainer; a modern PowerPoint instructional syllabus; personalized instructional tools; and a well-equipped pilot lounge and break room. We also have a hangar full of actual L-39 aircraft for use in the hands-on section of the class.

The Ground School includes 24 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of hands-on "field training," and covers the following subjects:

  • L-39 History
  • Fight Manual Definitions and Overview
  • Aircraft Manual Protocols and Conventions
  • Cockpit Orientation
  • Aircraft Instrumentation, Controls and Indicators
  • Engine Operation and Limitations
  • Aircraft Systems Operation and Limitations
  • Normal Procedures and Flight Characteristics
  • Irregular/Abnormal Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures and Immediate Action Items
  • Oxygen and Pressurization Systems
  • Ground Egress, Bailout, Ejection and Parachute Operations
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • All-Weather Operations
  • Pilot Techniques and Cockpit Organization
  • FARs, Pilot Certification and Aircraft Licensing Requirements
  • Flight Physiology and G-Straining Maneuver
  • High Altitude Aerodynamics
  • Flight Planning and Takeoff/Landing Performance
  • Weight and Balance
  • Pre-Flight Inspection
  • Hands-On Aircraft Servicing and Owner-Performed Maintenance
  • Flight Safety Awareness
  • Cockpit Resource Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Pre-Purchase Information
  • Aircraft Ownership Discussion
  • Pride Aircraft Mods: Extended-Range Fuel, Instrumentation, Systems, etc.
  • Systems Quizzes and Operational Discussions
  • Informal "Hangar-Flying" and Q&A Opportunities

When you leave us, you'll be tired and your brain will be full, but you'll know the L-39 inside and out, and you'll have a full compliment of instructional materials to continue home study. The knowledge you'll gain will provide an excellent basis for your follow-on flight training in the L-39, as well as a unique opportunity to learn all about the world's most popular jet "warbird."

Your reference materials, which are provided upon arrival, will include a custom L-39 flight manual; a quick-reference checklist; personal copies of all PowerPoint slides; color diagrams and cockpit photos, applicable FARs and ACs; and other valuable materials.

Contact us for current course cost. Our fee includes all course materials. As an added bonus, graduates of our school may attend the class again, for free, anytime within eighteen months of their graduation. They also get a discount rate on follow-on flight instruction in our airplanes.

Lunch is provided each day.

The pilot requirements for an Experimental Aircraft Authorization are the following: FAA Third Class Medical; Private Pilot rating; Instrument Rating; 1000 hours total flight time, and 500 PIC hours in fixed-wing, Single-Engine Land aircraft. While these requirements must be met for the issuance of the rating, anyone may attend the Pride Ground School. In fact, we've had several prospective aircraft owners (and A&P mechanics) take the course simply to learn more about the L-39 prior to committing to a purchase. We've even had a few non-pilots take the course, just for fun!

As part of the new certification process, the FAA's requirements for aircraft knowledge and the level of flight instruction were dramatically increased. This was done to ensure that all applicants can demonstrate a high level of competence in the aircraft and have a thorough knowledge of its operation.

If you want to fly L-39s, the days of informal, weekend checkouts and home-study ground schools are over. The Pride Ground School is a professional-level education in L-39 systems, procedures and operations.

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Pride Ground SChool
Class 2013-1

The Period March 27-29, Saw The Completion Of Pride Ground School Class 2013-1, Which Marks Beginning Of Our 14th Year of L-39 Ground Training. In Attendance Were Brad Bradshaw, Carl Chapman, John Bell-Thomson, Mike Girardi, And James Darden.
Congratulations To All For A Job Well Done! Special Thanks Goes Out To Dave "Cujo" Macaluso For A Superb Job Of Instruction And "Entertainment".