L-39 Modifications, Upgrades and Options
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Complete Aircraft Restoration Complete airframe, cockpit and nose box disassembly, cleaning, painting, and assembly. Contact us for all included mods and upgrades.

Aux. Fuel System Our legendary 90-gallon auxiliary fuel system provides longer range and peace of mind on long cross-country flights. Includes internal tank, tip tank extensions, fuel pump, pressure switch, circuit breakers, switches and wiring. Includes basic repainting to match your aircraft.

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Internal Aux Tanks Only Internal tank only. Includes internal tank, fuel pump, pressure switch, circuit breaker, switches and wiring.

Tip Tanks Only Tip tank extensions only. Includes tip tank extensions and repainting.

Pride Tip Tanks

Accumulator Gauge Option Allows you to check the accumulator pre-charge in the main and emergency systems during your preflight. Includes two gauges, hoses, and all mounting hardware.

"Crew Step" Lamp Illuminates a lamp on the pilot's warning panel when either cockpit step is inadvertently left extended. Includes switches, lamps, and mounting hardware.

Service/Oil Level Lamps This clever mod makes every L-39 owner smile when they see it. Now you can check your engine oil level and Saphir oil level without a flashlight. Includes two switches, two lamps, and all mounting hardware.

Stainless Step Plates A complete set of three new stainless step plates to replaces the old, rusty set you probably have.

Seat-Bottom Storage Area This procedure modifies your seats with hinged seat-bottoms that allow for more cockpit storage, and also sets the proper seat angle for the pilots.

Step Tool Kit This mod mounts a tip-tank filler cap wrench and a stainless tow pin in the forward step bay, where you can always get to them easily.

Screwdriver Kit Includes one screwdriver mounted in the KV-3 plug access panel.

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Fire Bottle Upgrade This upgrade removes your original fire bottle and installs a certified and charged American fire bottle. Includes fire bottle, squibs, and mounting hardware.

Oxygen Regulator Upgrade We remove your original oxygen regulators and replace them with high-quality, certified, American high pressure regulators. This mod adds immeasurably to your safety and comfort! Includes two high pressure regulators, two gauges, two oxygen hoses, and all mounting hardware.

Static Wick Upgrade A kit to remove your original static wicks and replace them with Dayton / Grainger static wicks. Includes 5 static wicks.

Custom Instrument Panels
We can upgrade your instrument panel to look (and work) the way you want it to. Includes layout, design, fabrication, and mounting. We have perfected a new 5th Generation L-39 cockpit, a masterpiece of modern functionality and ergonomics. Call us for details.

Custom Avionics Installations Let Pride Aircraft upgrade your avionics to all the latest technology available. We do weather, traffic, Stormscopes, datalink, moving maps, AOA and more. Our packages include all installation supplies and certifications.

OpTech Panel

Stainless Hardware Set A complete kit to upgrade all your external hardware to stainless. Includes large-head Phillips metric screws.

Light Bulb Set A complete kit of light bulbs for interior and exterior lamps. Does not include strobes or landing bulbs.

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Custom Seat Cushions We offer customized seat cushions which are fabricated for comfort and utility. They are also optimized for use as spacers behind your parachutes.

Battery Tender Extend the life of your battery with our battery tender, which is mounted in the nose and hard-wired to the aircraft. A rigid plug is installed into the battery contactor box for easy access.

New Cabin Differential/ Pressure Dials Upgrade the dials in your original cabin differential / pressure gauges to PSI and feet. Includes removal and reinstallation in aircraft.

New Radar Altimeter Dials This kit changes the dials in both radar altimeter indicators to feet. Includes removal and reinstallation in aircraft.

New Airspeed Dials Change the dials in both your airspeed indicators to knots. Includes removal and reinstallation in aircraft. Units are also recalibrated.

New Vertical Speed Dials Change dials in both vertical speed indicators to feet. Includes removal and reinstallation in aircraft. Units are also recalibrated.

Multi-Function Stick Grip Updates your stick grips to modern US Air Force style, with custom switch functions to control your navigation / communications systems and autopilot.

Angle of Attack Indexer and Aural Alert System Used in nearly every high-performance military fighter and trainer, an AOA system gives you the ultimate in performance-related situational awareness and greatly increases safety. Installation includes all electronics, indicator(s), wiring, and calibration.

High-Intensity Landing Lights This modification gives your L-39 a high-visibility profile when you're in the traffic pattern. Dual lamps on the landing gear illuminate any time the gear is down.  
F-16 Style Canopy Tint Give your aircraft that cool F-16 look. Includes removal of canopies, professional installation of gold tint, and installation of canopies back on aircraft.

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Smoke System The awesome Pride Aircraft smoke system includes all of the plumbing from the tip tank select switch back to the tail and includes all pumps, solenoids, wiring and switches. Check out our L-39 Smoke System video!

Sculpted Wingtips Improve your aircraft's performance and appearance with our beautiful Sculpted Wingtips. [More details and photos here.]

The Pride L-39. The Gold Standard of L-39s.


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