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L-39 Sculpted Wingtips

The L-39s standard wingtip fuel tanks have stood up to the test of time. They certainly work well. But in our never-ending quest to improve upon the world's best jet warbird, we designed Sculpted Wingtips for the L-39.

They'll not only change the visual "look" of your L-39 by streamlining the wings and making your plane look faster and racier, our initial tests have resulted in the following observed improvements:

-- An increase in cruise speed of 10-15 KIAS. Pull the power back and decrease your fuel burn! (Done correctly, this could even offset the new, decreased fuel capacity...)
-- Initial climb rate increase of at least 500 FPM. Climb to FL280 in 15 minutes!
-- 70 lb weight decrease.
-- Better roll rate.

And check out the clean, new lines of the L-39 fitted with our wingtips!

Our new tips include the latest technology HID landing lights, and super-bright LED nav/strobe lights that use a tenth of the power of the stock incandescent bulbs -- and last for years with no maintenance.

Contact us to get Pride's Sculpted Wingtips installed on your plane, and change your L-39 for the better!



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